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Natural Hand Pressed Bath Bombs FOREST | OCEAN | MEADOW 3pk

Natural Hand Pressed Bath Bombs FOREST | OCEAN | MEADOW 3pk

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These bath bombs are made with a blend of natural ingredients, coloured with powdered herbs/clays, scented entirely with essential oils, and individually hand pressed to create a dense, gently fizzing, slow release aromatherapeutic bath bomb that softens the skin and relaxes the mind.

Made from a base blend of food grade citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, organic apricot kernel oil, organic arrowroot powder, white kaolin clay, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, or SCI, which is a powdered surfactant made from renewable coconut fatty acids that is fully biodegradable. To this base, a blend of powdered herbs/clays/oils are added for colour and a blend of all natural, aromatherapeutic essential oils is added for scent.

90g in size.


FOREST: coloured with powdered organic green spirulina, wild spruce tip powder, and green bentonite clay. Scented with cedarwood oil, cedar leaf oil, fir needle oil, spruce oil, bergamot oil, and vetiver oil.

OCEAN: coloured with blue spirulina, and Comox glacial marine clay. Scented with lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, sweet fennel oil, rosemary oil, and camphor oil.

MEADOW: coloured with organic beet root, rose petal powder, and a blend of organic powdered berries and wild flowers. Scented with clary sage oil, palmarosa oil, and sustainably sourced rosewood oil.