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Echo of the Golden Hour Velour (Adult) - January 2022 Pre Order

Echo of the Golden Hour Velour (Adult) - January 2022 Pre Order

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.... Sooth yourself into the golden hour. Our boomerang shape pilo has a quick effect on dissolving tension and stress on the shoulders, sitting at a desk, on your lap, or chest. It offers subtle deep pressure to promote relaxation.

Luxurious ultra soft velour is made in Denmark, ethically made and certified Oeko-Tek standards and tested for no harmful chemicals. Our pilos have removable and washable covers made without zippers, tags or buttons. It's a sensory thing.

This fabric will arrive from Denmark and go into production in January 2022 shipping early Feb

1Kg Weight - filled with high quality weighted micro poly beads made for sensory products to offer proprioceptive input and subtle deep pressure.  Sized for teens and adults.

Can I heat my Pilo ?

Pilo's like to hang out on warm heating pads

Ovens are not our jam

Handcrafted in Canada