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manifest | KOKOOMIKISOM | set intentions | positivity | success

manifest | KOKOOMIKISOM | set intentions | positivity | success

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The Manifest Candle is inspired by Summers spent on Hornby Island. There is truly no place like it.

The massive Firs and Gary Oaks give way to thickets of salal and salmonberry bushes which stretch down to white sand beaches, sun warmed and glistening, and crystal clear Caribbean blue waters. The summer camp of the Pentlach people, Hornby is as rich in Spirituality as it is in Flora and Fauna.

Lavender grows in abundance on this beautiful island. The scent of Lavender, warmed by the sun, drifts on the breeze. We blended locally distilled lavender flowers, sun kissed sea grasses, and deeply exotic, spicy Sandalwood together to create an incredibly beautiful and unique scent.

Notes of deep, rich smokey Vetiver are lifted with creamy white rose, and sweet, peppery lavender flowers. A rich, complex and beautiful scent.



The Manifest Ritual Candle was formulated to allow you to set positive intentions, and manifest your deepest desires.

We recommend using this beautiful Candle all month long. The Botanicals are ideal for those seeking deep internal stillness and reflection of self. The perfect accompaniment for ascended meditation, multi-dimensional consciousness, meditation and active rest, sound therapy, yoga, and anytime throughout the day that you would like to take some time to set positive intentions, and create space to manifest your dreams and desires.

As the Botanicals are especially powerful around the New Moon, this beautiful Botanical Blend is also wonderful for New Moon Rituals and Ceremonies. A truly soul nourishing, awakening and healing blend.