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Infinity Heart & Boomerang Style
Infinity Heart & Boomerang Style

Infinity Heart & Boomerang Style

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For Tibetan monks, the calming blue and rejuvenating green colour of teal is symbolic of the infinity of the sea and sky.  In a vintage washed 100 % linen this fabric has a soft and natural hand. 

Available in our contemporary heart and the boomerang shape, inspired by ceramics made in the midcentury modern era. Adults 1.5 kg and wraps around the neck and shoulders relieving shoulder tension.

Can I heat my Pilo ? Pilo's like to hang on out warm heating pads, ovens are not our jam

All of our pilos are made with care in a small cottage sewing studio in Nova Scotia - 

All orders are being handled with covid safe compliancy, and you can wash your pilo cover when it arrives, a wonderful thing!