Canadian made WEIGHTED sensory products | NEW course "Our senses & Interior Design" Summer & Fall Registration is open !

Our Senses & Interior Design   - Summer Sessions    "Your Environment Informs You"

Our Senses & Interior Design - Summer Sessions "Your Environment Informs You"

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 A personal reclamation of sorts begins to happen when we observe and gain deeper awareness of our well being and our environment.

Somethings we can only see once we’ve stepped back at a distance -  to what is true.

Truth is

we are so over-stimulated in this North American culture.

There is a call to get back to simple.


There’s been a movement in the design world which has created a world of options with implied texture. Artificial stone, synthetic materials - all to emulate the real thing, for visual impressions only.

Surface without depth. 

If you feel the drain on your system being in environments cut off from nature - your work space, the city, ... its a loss of connection to our sustainable life force in our environments.

Let's connect in community, 

6 Classes 90 minutes each month - beginning July/Aug (as registration fills )

I venture deeply into Interior Design and our senses, the Nervous System and how they are all inter- connected. 


We learn about;

  • Sensory archetypes - you”ll learn to identify your personal sensory archetype and those of people around you. For more understanding and relationship harmony 
  • Discuss Nature as a Civil Right - learn how Mother Nature is our master regulator for our Nervous system
  • The core principles in interior design and how our senses relate, healthy vs. harming ways 
  • Gain a deeper awareness of your senses and learn ways to balance and nourish your senses to feel more joy in day to day living
  • Create a sensory home and understand elements and materials in our homes on a deeper more energetic level
  • Frequency of materials and colors, how this can elevate any space as well as our state of being

I want to bring you back to what is natural so that you can feel a deeper more peaceful sense of yourself - and feel joy again. 

As a teacher, I call on my 20 year background in interior design,  my intuitive abilities, as well as hands on experience as a parent of a child with sensory processing issues. We have almost a decade of deep healing work done with sensory therapists and somatic therapists discovering the world of somatic's, healing and our nervous system.