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Your Nervous System and Our Environment  October 28th Workshop

Your Nervous System and Our Environment October 28th Workshop

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Your Environment Informs You... 

A LIVE 1.5 hour overview on design in our homes, the nervous system, your senses, and how they interconnect with the living breathing environment in which we dwell

If your home was more aligned with your internal desires could this shift how you feel internally ? the answer is yes 

  • Create a home which aligns with your inner desires,  nurtures your sensory system  - supporting you to experience coming from a state of creative and empowered,  rather than overwhelm and hopelessness

  • Create a clearing in the dense forest - we tap into a visualization exercise which allows you to reveal  what is calling to you and needed most to create a space you love and reflects how you want to feel 

The workshop will be held via Zoom Friday October 28th 10:30am - 12:00 pst

If you're unable to attend a replay of the workshop will be sent out to everyone who has registered.

I hope you'll join this fun small group workshop  !