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Our Story

The story I tell is the one that the birth of Sensori House began when my first son was born with sensory processing challenges. The story I’ve come to realize is that Sensori House has always lived within.
Moving through the world as a sensory intuitive, feeling environments has always bestowed a source of information to me. As a designer, my niche has been to create spaces using an intuitive sense. In all elements, there is a certain energy to be sensed, a story to tell, a feeling to evoke that connects us.
The need to feel deeply grounded within our bodies and homes is an inherent call more and more,  in todays culture and world. Living within our modern cities, our north American work culture we have felt a drain on our systems, disconnected from what we know to be true, a loss of connection to the sustainable life force within.
There's a call to get back to simple.
When we engage in space with all of our senses, we experience the tone of sound, the luminescence of light, the tangible feel of textures, and the visual qualities present. We tune in with all of our senses and the goal is for this experience to be in the most harmonious way.
Sensori house is 20 years of combined experience in interior design, a keen whim to learn the language of our nervous system.  Knowledge gained through close work with our son and sensory and somatic therapists. As well as a hope and a dream for a more holistic way of living for our family and the world.
Our environment informs us, we are safe, we are grounded, we are whole.
Jennifer + Family