aligning home to your inner desires  WORKSHOP

aligning home to your inner desires WORKSHOP

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If your home was more aligned with your internal desires could this shift how you feel internally ? the answer is yes 

    • Where to begin in creating  a home which aligns with your inner desires,  nurtures your sensory system  - supporting you to experience coming from a state of creative and grounded,  rather than overwhelm and hopelessness

    • Create a clearing in the dense forest - we tap into a visualization exercise which allows you to reveal  "what is calling to you specifically and needed most" to create a space you love and reflects how you want to feel 
    • We all have a super sense, which one of our senses is your strongest, vision, auditory, olfactory, touch ? Our sensory system interplays with our nervous system. We explore how this may be benefitting and enhancing quality of life or causing dysregulation to the nervous system.

This is an interactive and fun workshop held on Zoom, each registration is per seat.


I hope you'll join this fun small group workshop  !