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 A personal reclamation of sorts begins to happen when we observe and gain deeper awareness of our well being and our environment.

Somethings we can only see once we’ve stepped back at a distance -  to what is true.

Truth is

we are so over-stimulated in this North American culture.


There is a call to get back to simple.


There’s been a movement in the design world which has created a world of options with implied texture. Artificial stone, synthetic materials - all to emulate the real thing, for visual impressions only.


Surface without depth. 


If you feel the drain on your system being in environments cut off from nature - your work space, the city, ... it’s a loss of connection to our sustainable life force in our environments.


This  course, is a teaching between the intersection  of interior design and our nervous system. 

All of us are yearning for healing from the external stimuli of our modern day culture and environment, and we can do this through creating life affirming energetics in our home that resonate on a deep intuitive level within our body, and specifically attune to our nervous system. 

We walk into a space, and on a conscious and unconscious level we have an emotional connection to the elements in the environment - the goal is to feel we have landed  “home”.

This spacial and sensorial experience awakens our inner intelligence  deep within, connecting to the innate wisdom we've lost touch with in modern day life. 

We learn how to sense into the elements, color, texture of your environment to hold, support, heal and revitalize your nervous system.

For some it may be alot of color, a maximalist approach to feed and stimulate your  nervous system.  For others, who have a nervous system which is over - stimulated, immersing into a soothing  color palette and minimalist approach  offers space  for the senses to rest. 


you learn; 

    • How our sensory system + nervous system process elements which inherently feel good + healing + safe in our environment
    • Hone your ability to sense vs. think through design 
    • Gain a deeper awareness + learn ways to balance and nourish your nervous system  within any sp    ace, feel more joy in day to day living.
    • Build awareness into the aspects which create a sensory home + understand elements and materials in our on a deeper more energetic level.
    • Frequency of materials and colors, high frequency vs. low
  • Sensory archetypes - you”ll learn to identify your personal sensory archetype + those of people around you.  Awareness +  Language = Transformation


$ 222 - Enrollment for September is now open 

6 Module Classes over 6 weeks  - each live group zoom is recorded and a replay sent  

This is a weekly  video and learning module course with a once a once a week LIVE group  meeting discussion on zoom -  the LIVE group session will have prompt questions from the weeks module to integrate the learning and use specific home situations and design scenarios to explore and create tailored design solutions for your nervous system, senses and joy. 

  “I enjoyed every session with Jennifer;  her innate knowledge of design always exceeds expectations!”

“I learned to sense & feel, rather than ‘think‘ about what I like in my surroundings“

”This course was amazing!, I loved every part and couldn’t wait for the next sessions”




Customer Reviews

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Garet Robinson
Wonderful Course

I really enjoyed the Sense Space course. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practioner as well as a furniture maker, so I was very excited when I found this unique course that blends design and nervous system health/attunement.

Jennifer has a depth of knowledge and life experience that is keenly suited to sharing this content. I think it's fascinating that how we design our spaces can greatly support and impact our health, mood and energy. I loved learning about Interior Design principles and how to consciously use them to support well-being.

Jennifer is a pioneer in this field and I really appreciate that she offers her wisdom and teachings through this course. I highly recommend it.