Your Environment Informs You

Your Environment Informs You

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There's a call to get back to simple....

If you feel the drain on your system being in environments cut off from nature - your work space, the city, ... it's a loss of connection to our sustainable life force in our environments.

In this course, I venture into Interior Design through the lens of our Senses, the Nervous System and how they are all inter- connected to our well-being. 



We dive deeply into;

The core principles in interior design and your senses,  nourishing vs. draining environments

Gain a deeper awareness of your senses and their vital role in grounding your nervous system into safety, expansion & joy

Discover your super power "sense" to support your nervous system, allowing old coping patterns to to be replaced with more awareness around nurturing sensory experiences 

Understand frequency of materials & color, to create harmony and supportive energetics in your  home | create space your nervous system is craving, whether its clarity and calm or to feel enlivened in your home with vibrancy. We all require healing from the external stimuli of our modern day culture and environment, and we can do this through creating reciprocity in our homes.


Let's connect in community, 

3 Classes, for 90 minutes 


6:00pm - 7:30pm pst - CURRENTLY running the MAY  course

Registration books you for the  next course which begins,

June 15th, 22nd, 29th

 ... LIVE is always best, if you miss a class recordings will always be sent out !