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nordic pine light body pilo
nordic pine light body pilo
nordic pine light body pilo
nordic pine light body pilo
nordic pine light body pilo

nordic pine light body pilo

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This effective yet subtle deep pressure has a quick effect on dissolving tension in the mind & body, relieving stress by allowing our nervous system to move into a balanced parasympathetic state of feeling safe and at ease. 

What happens when you fall in love with your pilo ?

Its okay to fall in love.  We've been there.  Our sensory therapist taught us about boundaries. 

It is recommended that you use your pilo for up to 20 minutes at at time. Its okay to relax in bed as you prepare for sleep, never sleep under a weighted pilo.

Washable Covers |  100%   linen  

Heatable Insert & Fill: 100 % Muslin Cotton | Canadian Organic Buckwheat 

We promote environmental stewardship sourcing linen made from non gmo flax, and grown without the use of chemicals, & pesticides

Our Pilo's are handmade | in a small sewing studio in Gastown, Vancouver

Heart Pilo weight 1.5 kg | Boomerang Pilo 1 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dwayne Rudolph
Melt away your worries with Pilo

This Pilo has been my friend in times of need. I use it when I feel my heart racing or when I have so much on my mind, I don't know what to do next. It has also been useful when I have trouble sleeping, although I don't sleep with prepares me so that I can. I also like how it look as an accent pillow, silently calling me to take a needed timeout. Not a feminine product but a needed human product. As I man, I would recommend to anyone.

The Pilot is a great size, weight and feel!

This weighted pillow is exactly as described. It's a great size for over my shoulders (I'm 5'5") as it actually wraps and sits with such a nice weight. The fabric is lovely and feels like it will last. I've had lots of little weighted pillows but The Pilo is really a great size, weight and feel. Definitely worth it!

Brianna Green
The Sweetest Comfort

I love resting with this pilo whenever my anxiety begins to ramp up. It’s so beautifully made and clearly infused with tenderness and intention


My son and I love our pilos! When he went away to camp this summer he actually brought his with him. In the summer time he puts it in the freezer each night to cool his body down. What a difference it has made in his sleep habits but also his body’s regulation.
I put mine on my chest nightly. The grounding feeling it gives me is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Thank you sensori for having such a mindful shop that provides amazing self care gifts and gifts for others💛

Sherryl O'Connor
Sensori House is a gem!

Sensori House is a gem! Organic, natural products supporting our wellbeing. I have four of the pilo's in various shapes and colors. When I have one of those moments when I feel alone, anxious, or in need of a friend; my go to for self care is my dog and my pilo. Transformative and truly beautiful. I deserve a pilo and maybe you do too; just wanted to share